Everyone, I need your help. My university has an enormous sexual harassment problem, and exacerbating the problem is the fact that the university doesn't adhere to its own policies and protects known sexual harassers in its employ. It's really awful, so a group of us would like to change it, but we have a few issues:

1. Many of us are only here for one year, limiting the amount of time we have to accomplish our goals.

2. Because of the university's protection of harassers and the normalization of the harassment itself, it's nearly impossible for people to come forward without fear of repercussion.

3. Because it's hard for people to come forward, it's hard to provide concrete evidence of harassment. We might be able to get a few incidents from past graduates.

4. Making accusations without concrete evidence is a good way to get sued for libel.

As you can see, we're in a bit of a 'rock and a hard place' situation. I'm currently trying to get this movement going, but I'm not much of a people person... more of a behind the scenes person who writes and organizes things (so I'm afraid of massively fucking up before we get off the ground). So, Groupthink โ€” help! What have you done at your universities and in your communities? Or what have you witnessed? What tactics are effective and what should we make sure to absolutely avoid? Do you know of any helpful online resources for organizing these types of movements and/or ideas?


Thank you! Here is a super happy red panda for your troubles: